Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tune update



What a whirlwind of activity we had out here yesterday!

Never let anyone tell you teenagers are all punks or apathetic.

We can tell you a far far better tale from direct witness experience!

It was HOT like most Alabama summer days.

But this fantastic youth group worked their tails off without complaint.

What the 10 of them did in 4 hours saved the Farmer about a week of work!

At this time of year, that is especially important.

Thank you all.

Let me try and recall who was here from Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and St. Paul's Lutheran Church. But I will omit last names. One because I don't remember them and two because I don't think it is appropriate to post them without their permission.

Pastor Kevin
with extra help from Taylor, Bonnie, Lisa and Mauro.

Diane and Donna are really pleased to be the ones who won the bid at the Youth Group auction.

Grateful for a Great Day!

Sheryl, Jean and Lisa continued the work after the group left, so now there is a flower bed beside the Prep Shed where Donna showed you weeds and poison ivy and Virginia Creeper at the beginning of the day!

Come on back later in the season to see the native oakleaf hydrangeas on the path to the chicken coop.

The door that Mauro and Lisa were working on is completed and it IS a WORK OF ART.

Thank you all again for everything.

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