Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Angry People

I wonder why so many people are so angry all the time.

It seems anger is the first response to things that surprise them.

It seems anger is the first response to the slightest change in the direction of their days.

Do THAT many people still believe they are the center of the universe?

Do that many people still believe THEIRS is the ONLY way?

Where do we learn this?

Or perhaps it is more apt to ask, where do we UNLEARN this?

I have anger sometimes. But not often. And rarely is it about some little thing.

Perhaps annoyance or irritation, but not anger.

Anger is for the BIG things, the injustices in this world which need to be corrected.

Many years ago, I read that Gandhi said he had stopped HATING things.
At that time I began to look at what, if anything besides strawberries or bugs in my sleeping bag, was worth HATING in my life.

It was not too long after that I realized how much energy it took me to HATE something or someone. Where did the energy come from? What else could it be used for if I stopped HATING?

Soon, I found it close to impossible to HATE anything.

I wonder if that is why I find it so difficult to comprehend so much instant ANGER.
It is not Road Rage. Sometimes its Parking Lot Rage. Or Waiting in Line Overload.
We have all seen the screaming child in the supermarket at some time.

The other day I watched a young mother dragging her screaming red faced toddler through a store. I prayed for them. The toddler will never learn from the mother who ignores the situation. And NOT one person in that store was happy to see either of them, I am sure.

Is not being compassionate more desireable than anger?

I believe it is.

The old "golden rule" Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Give peace to find peace.

Give up anger and what do we find? Perhaps a more gentle way of living each day.

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