Thursday, June 29, 2006


I always read my horoscope the same time I read the "funnies".
They are a reliable source of entertainment.

Sometimes I am surprised by how they seem to ring true:

... you will find that connections with others prove to be extremely rewarding.
People are starting to see your perspective on things, and peace is the name of the game.
Lead the way in promoting harmony and balance among your circle of friends and associates.

When I saw this one, it made me STOP in my tracks.
It felt so good. It resonated with how I was feeling and thinking.

Wouldn't it be great if we COULD get more people to put peace and justice on the front plate every day?!

We can only truly change ONE person in this world ... ourselves.
We can strive to influence others, but understand they are responsible for their own changes.

So think PEACE. Act Justly. Daily.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



People ask me all the time what I am doing with my time.

I try to keep things simple.

Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I get distracted.

Remembering to keep it simple helps keep me focused and centered.

That helps with balance and serenity too.

They start to believe me and then they see that I am working some programs online and it seems to be contradictory.

Most often it is because they are easily distracted and unfamiliar with the positive potential of online work. They have been scared away by all the scams and even some hype too.

I have had some bad experiences out here in cyberspace. But I have also learned ways to do things that I do well and be paid for them. Most often that is writing, editing or coaching people and helping them find their own answers.

One of the first things I started doing was READING PAID EMAILS. I tell people that and they think... WHAT?

Well, yes. It means someone out there is paying me pennies to open ads and view them. They hope, of course, that I will like their product or program and spend money at their page.


I have been using this site for several seasons now and have learned to trust the guy who owns and runs it. THAT makes a HUGE difference in the decisions I make regarding online activity.

It is simple. Relatively mind-free. So those days whrn I have trouble focusing or nights when I cannot sleep, I actually can pick up some spare cash.

I define spare cash as that which I did not plan on having available to me at the beginning of the month. It is not really SPARE.

But before I do any of those things I start my day with prayer and action.
I will share more about these another day.
But one thing I do everyday is to go to THE HUNGER SITE and feed some hungry people.

Perhaps that helps some folks understand how and why I might be doing things online.
We can DO a LOT of good if we know where and how to do it.

The companies I have listed on this page represent doorways to stores online. For one reason or another, I have added them to my list and invite you to enter these stores through my doorway. That is how I get paid for putting their name on my page.

Peace to you and yours.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Angry People

I wonder why so many people are so angry all the time.

It seems anger is the first response to things that surprise them.

It seems anger is the first response to the slightest change in the direction of their days.

Do THAT many people still believe they are the center of the universe?

Do that many people still believe THEIRS is the ONLY way?

Where do we learn this?

Or perhaps it is more apt to ask, where do we UNLEARN this?

I have anger sometimes. But not often. And rarely is it about some little thing.

Perhaps annoyance or irritation, but not anger.

Anger is for the BIG things, the injustices in this world which need to be corrected.

Many years ago, I read that Gandhi said he had stopped HATING things.
At that time I began to look at what, if anything besides strawberries or bugs in my sleeping bag, was worth HATING in my life.

It was not too long after that I realized how much energy it took me to HATE something or someone. Where did the energy come from? What else could it be used for if I stopped HATING?

Soon, I found it close to impossible to HATE anything.

I wonder if that is why I find it so difficult to comprehend so much instant ANGER.
It is not Road Rage. Sometimes its Parking Lot Rage. Or Waiting in Line Overload.
We have all seen the screaming child in the supermarket at some time.

The other day I watched a young mother dragging her screaming red faced toddler through a store. I prayed for them. The toddler will never learn from the mother who ignores the situation. And NOT one person in that store was happy to see either of them, I am sure.

Is not being compassionate more desireable than anger?

I believe it is.

The old "golden rule" Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Give peace to find peace.

Give up anger and what do we find? Perhaps a more gentle way of living each day.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tune update



What a whirlwind of activity we had out here yesterday!

Never let anyone tell you teenagers are all punks or apathetic.

We can tell you a far far better tale from direct witness experience!

It was HOT like most Alabama summer days.

But this fantastic youth group worked their tails off without complaint.

What the 10 of them did in 4 hours saved the Farmer about a week of work!

At this time of year, that is especially important.

Thank you all.

Let me try and recall who was here from Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and St. Paul's Lutheran Church. But I will omit last names. One because I don't remember them and two because I don't think it is appropriate to post them without their permission.

Pastor Kevin
with extra help from Taylor, Bonnie, Lisa and Mauro.

Diane and Donna are really pleased to be the ones who won the bid at the Youth Group auction.

Grateful for a Great Day!

Sheryl, Jean and Lisa continued the work after the group left, so now there is a flower bed beside the Prep Shed where Donna showed you weeds and poison ivy and Virginia Creeper at the beginning of the day!

Come on back later in the season to see the native oakleaf hydrangeas on the path to the chicken coop.

The door that Mauro and Lisa were working on is completed and it IS a WORK OF ART.

Thank you all again for everything.

Incredible and superb day

What an incredible and super satisfying day with our church youth group today!

There is more to the tale and they all deserve to have it shared.

I am so grateful to be a part of this.

More later.