Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October is here

The world rushes by and suddenly September is history.

Now it is mid-October and I almost wonder what happened.

Well, I KNOW what happened. There was a family illness and that
knocked us all out of normal everyday awareness.

But the differences in our locations became very dramatic when
I got a letter saying. . . Fall is Over. And here, I am in
ALabama saying . . . Fall is just starting.

How simple it is when we keep in touch with the earth around us.

How complicated we make our lives when we do not give attention
to the simple things around us.

The crisis in Myanmar continues and has its waves of forward AND
backward movement.

Now we have a Nobel Prize winner who has championed the cause of the planet!

Kudos to Al Gore for sticking with it. Kudos to The Nobel Prize Committee for
being attuned to this significant world wide event.

I am reading about An earlier Nobel Prize winner... John Nash. THe math guy.
It has taught me more about systems and policies and the influence of mathematics on my life than I ever thought I would know or need to know. You know the book?
A Beautiful Mind. You may know it as the movie. It is worth reading. And perhaps seeing.

As many songs go... so do the seasons come and go.

If we give attention to each passing moment while it is here, even if time flies fast, we shall not have missed it. We may not NOTICE it, but we will have experienced it as fully as we could.

I think if we spend more time in THIS moment and less time arguing about the
NEXT moment all of us would have more peaceful and less stressful lives.