Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas 2007

Joy to the World

The Christ Child has Come.

What is it to the world today if the Prince of Peace was born 2000 years ago if I cannot bring some of this peace into my life today? My call to live a life dedicated to peace on earth.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas and Jesus and You

What if the baby Jesus sent you a letter instead of Santa?
What might he say? If anyone asked me, I know what I would say.

For example, I am thinking of a disillusioned young adult or teenager who has misplaced the meaning of Christmas or maybe never found meaning in it.
+ + +
I am thinking of you today and figured it would be good if you KNEW it! All the gang is busy with parents and relatives and getting ready for Christmas. Right? Whatever. . . Tune out and plug in earbuds. . .

So Listen up. Today, I decided to tell you a little more about my first night as a baby boy. I mean, there I was all cool and sacred hanging around with my father (GOD) and the prophets (like Moses and Elijah) and angels. And GOD decides it’s THE time to change the world AGAIN!

I mean, like, WHY ME? Why not Michael theArchAngel? Or one of the retired prophets? But before I could ask, there I was in Bethlehem lying flat on my back discovering what a human feels like.

WHOA! I seem to know everything I need to know but here I am inside this baby boy’s body. WOW. I even have to learn HOW to use my eyes- you know – they open and close and move around a lot! And my hand is in my face a lot.

I sure can smell a lot in this stable. Stinky feet. Sweat. Animals. People. Poop. Even ME. It is amazing. We all have our own smells.

Like, here I am looking up at the bright shining light in the night sky while the people around me are sleeping and something nudges my head. Hey, it even licks my head! I look up and see the underside of a furry head that is bigger than my BODY! Holy Whatever!

I don’t remember any prophet telling about this! But it’s a friendly and grateful donkey. The odd thing is, this donkey is sniffing me and I even know how it feels. He is so happy he almost glows in this light. He is the one who carried me and my mother Mary all the way to Bethlehem. He is grateful for a rest. WHOA. What a story he has told me, without any words. I feel loved and safe even with all these other animals looking down at me and sniffing. Of course, I sniffed back.

Mary heard them moving around and looked into my manger bed. Oh My, is she ever glowing and beautiful! She has a radiant smile for me and picks me up. My tiny hands feel the rough cloth she wears and it is a lot different than the soft cloth she wrapped around me.

I am not sure if I smiled, but she did. And we both felt happy and sad. We both felt loved and safe, for now. Somehow, we both new my life as a human would be different and sometimes hard. So we both cherished these moments when I was an infant.

Hey, you know, there is so much more I could tell you. But what I want you to know today in the middle of all the crazy stuff that happens is that I love you today and I always will.

You know, I am one friend who will be there always. My world as a human was a lot different than yours is, but you would be surprised to know how much of what you feel, I have already felt! My life was real. Edit THAT!
I AM real.

Be cool and remember that Christmas is my birthday, okay? Even if others forget, or maybe never knew. Sure, you can tell them if you want, how else will they know? Show them where to learn more about me. Show them a Bible or a website if you want, but pay attention, there are a lot of ‘crazies ‘out there, you know the ‘false prophets’. Take a look at the book of Luke in Chapter 2 for the story about my birthday.

Go ahead and trust me. GOD loves you and so do I.
Your loving friend,
+ + +
Well, that is how I imagine it would sound today. You can send those friends a card in the real mail if you want to. Just go here and I will give them a real message too.