Saturday, May 17, 2008

Practically at Home: Grocery Bag Bonus

Practically at Home: Grocery Bag Bonus

I have noticed that Walmart and Krogers and some other stores are now providing cloth reusable bags that are made of recycled plastic bottles. It take four PETE clear plastic bottles, like soda pop or water bottles to make the plastic fiber for one bag that is as durable as you can imagine... just don't pour a plastic solvent into it.

A friend of mine has a room with a plastic carpet made from recycled plastic bottles also.

The number 1 inside the triangle that shows it can be recycled is what tells you it is the kind that they can use for making fiber.

The number 2 kind of plastic recycles well into things like plastic lumber or decks or docks.

The other numbers are not as easily handled at this time.

Remember the basic principles of science still work here. . . and entropy sets in the further away from the source we go.

Matter is always becoming something else. But it cannot go backwards and become more complex than it was before once it has been melted down, so a drink bottle cannot become another drink bottle. It has to become something else.

Now GLASS is yet another story. But people talk less about it.

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