Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ears at Peace

Just a few posts ago, I mentioned tinnitus, or ringing in your ears. As a preface to peace on the inside leading to peaceful actions on the outside.

Today just a short note.

Details are found at On and Off the Wall if you want to follow along.

Suffice it to say. My ears are much better than I ever imagined since the treatment at the Shea Clinic in Memphis. My hearing has more clarity and even tests out better on the audiology report. I acknowledge this is a PROCESS, not a one time fix-it.

But I also celebrate progress and the ability to think clearly for longer periods of time. I give thanks for this growing internal peace all day everyday.

When this began, there were no treatments available to remedy tinnitus. The prevailing thought was "Too bad, you'll just have to learn to live with it." And Live With It I did for a long time. Now the prevailing thought regarding treatment is to teach people HOW to live with it. And research is focussed on finding causes and cures.

Meanwhile, in Memphis, there stands a surgeon who seeks remedial action for patients now, not twenty years from now. And he has been treating people with success with these techniques for more than 15 years.

I am grateful. People ask me if I am resentful because all of this time I did not know about this procedure. No. I may wish it were different but I am not resentful. My life has been blessed in many ways despite the challenges of severe tinnitus. And perhaps the need to listen "through" the sound has helped me become who I am today with the courage to stand up and express what is important. Be Peace and Do Justice. Live Simply.

I thank God for the guidance and support I had to get me to and through the operations. Both ears are much improved. I need ask for nothing more.

You see, some of that peace has already been growing in a climate of noise and now it has the opportunity to blossom. I can only be thankful.

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An attitude of gratitude supports success.

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