Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Green to Celebrate

Remarkable. Here we are watching and being absorbed by the political protests surrounding the 2010 Olympics in China.

And the Russians give us a GREEN alert to capture our attention.
The planned site for the 2014 Olympics at Sochi is located very near sensitive ecosystems.

The locals are surprised at how quickly development is happening to "prepare" and/or beautify the area in time for the Olympics.

They are even more concerned that the extensive development will produce irreversible environmental damage in their sensitive locale.

Now THAT is worth celebrating. NOT that damage will occur. But that SOMEONE noticed and has begun to DO something to prevent it THIS FAR in ADVANCE!

It is April. So We are seeing more green news everywhere.
What I like about that is that it is a refreshing change from mayhem in the world around us.

It is a reminder that with each season we have a new call to notice new growth and assess how we impact the world around us.

The shortest path into the Universe is through a deep forest. ~John Muir~

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