Sunday, February 24, 2008

Women in Civil Rights

Johnnie Carr was a personal friend of Rosa Parks. How many of you recognize her name?
Sometimes it is the quiet friends who keep us moving towards our goals, day in and day out. And they become their own voices, as did Johnnie Carr.
She died on Friday and it is a loss to be noted as much as Rosa Parks, and as much as Martin Luther King, Jr.
She remained active in Montgomery for many years promoting improvements in race relations and transportation and school conditions.
There is more to the AP press story and you can be sure there is MORE to Johnnie Carr's story.
My spiritual Mentor spoke of her with great reverence. And now I wish I had known her too.
Be your best self today. If you are not a part of the solution then you are surely part of the problem. What are you doing today that can improve race relations?
Are you in the same platitude state of mind that lulled people into inaction back into the fifties? Are you in a radical frame of mind left over from the sixties?
Or have you moved into an active force that is relevant to issues of today?
How many 97 year old Black Women do YOU know who are active in their communities right up until their time of death?
God Bless the family of Johnnie Carr and all who mourn her passing.
Let us not allow her absence to permit her to fade away unknown.

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