Friday, February 08, 2008

Super Tuesday Storms in South

The storms were bad enough that the hyped up candidates even stopped to talk about them!

It was about 3 AM at my house. The cat was driving me crazy. Mom was sleeping soundly.
The weather alert sounded off AGAIN. For about the 4th time that night. Good grief. Didn't it know I had to get up early to go to work in the morning??

This time it was LOCAL. This time it was clear when I popped out of bed and dashed to turn down the volume and tune in the station that we were in trouble.

Lightning like I have never seen before was EVERYWHERE. ALL the Time.
Bright enough that I could even see color!

The raging wind was indeed loud and seemed palpable. We have so many trains coming through our town that I could not tell if it was a train or if it was the wind.

It seemed like I could SEE and taste the wind. And yet, I stayed indoors.

We were fortunate, it did not land in our town. But in outlying areas ... wow.
Total tornado trashout.

A few hours later Mom saw spectacular lightning right at sunrise. It looked "as if" the thunder and lightning and heavy cloud cover smashed the sun back into the ground.

I missed that one. Wow.

What a way to enter into Lent the season of repentance and atonement!
Being reminded of the powers of nature and the fragile nature of our everyday living.

Today it is calm and I am resting at a nearby lake area.
Praying for those folks who were not as fortunate as we have been.

Maybe tomorrow I will be rested enough that I can help someone besides myself.

May your Lenten reflections be blessed.

It is clear which candidate I favor.
Between now and November perhaps I can help you understand why I do.

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