Thursday, November 09, 2006

Surprise Hawk

Marsh Hawk at Hunt

How does it feel to be the prey?

I nearly felt it today.

Seated in my car at the farm in the shade on a sunny afternoon.

I just arrived and had not even turned off the car so I am sure I witnessed something that was underway before I even stopped. Cool.

Swooping towards the windshield at high speed was a hunting hawk!

She flew less than arm's length from my open window.
I felt the air movement when I pointed to her.

I watched the follow-through in my side view mirror.
The target was a black and white cat hunkered down at the edge of the driveway.

I guess I was enough of a surprise to jolt the hunter a bit because she stopped diving and with just a flick of her feathers was gliding upwards and away.

The poor silly city cat was still hunkered down with flattened ears. It looked like it was stunned. The other farm cats scattered into the brush, no dummies.

But I cherish the moment. Another reminder of my totem creature at a critical time in my life.

I recall tonight how I earned my nickname "hawkwoman" and feel very connected with my mentors and Earth and indigenous peoples. More than I can capture in a few words right now. But I had to tell you.

If you do not recognize the name Marsh Hawk, it is an older name which has been changed to Harrier. (Circus cyaneus) Falconiformes.

Look here for a little of its natural history. Yes, I saw it close and in real living color and could tell you it was a female. There are color differences. http://www.1000birds.com/latest20050219NHA.htm

What a gift to see her. Thank you.

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