Thursday, September 28, 2006

Live Justly

Give Justice a Chance

What does it mean to Live Justly? Wow.

Some people live their entire lives learning how to do that.

Others could care less. Others are clueless.

Perhaps my mother has a clue to this.

She is 91 years old now.

Sometimes she wonders why she has lived so long.

Sometimes we respond "because you are needed"

Sometimes we tell her "because you have not run out of love"

Now and then we tell her "because God still has work for her here."

That is the one she seems to believe.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
Recently I ran into Psalm 71 and I see what she sees now.
If you have a Bible handy look at verses 17 through 20.

'Dear God, do not forsake me even with my old age and gray hair.
Let me continue to proclaim your truth to this new generation, there is much
I can teach and much they can learn.'

Perhaps this is living justly.

Or maybe it is Just Living.

I am grateful to have such a strong and wise woman in my life.
And for so long, too.

And I continue to learn from her every day. . . and sometimes she learns from me.

That seems to be a lot more than Just or only living...
it is blessed living for sure.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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