Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cultivating Peace

It seems to me that to cultivate peace we need to nurture caring activities among all people.

We need to seek common ground rather than seek out miniscule doctrinal differences.

Focus on the things we have in common. The need for food, water, clean air, shelter and decent spaces to live in. From that comes health concerns. After that come social concerns and education.

Let us learn to live justly and avoid "knee-jerk" reactions to surprise viewpoints.

A long time ago, a friend told me " Please tell me if something I say offends you by accident." I was so startled by the concept we engaged in further conversation.

You see, if no offense is intended, it is neither fair nor reasonable take offense or to react from a position of defensive posturing.

This was a simple method of reminding us to be mindful of our words and their intent. We both spoke more carefully and actually less often out of consideration for the quiet spaces we both needed in our lives.

So, for me, that is one way to cultivate peace.
Another is to click on the title and freely give food daily to a hungry person. Live justly and peace can follow.

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