Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 reflections

Five years ago the world stood still in shock as the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed.

Perhaps the worst terrorist attack since Pearl Harbor, this event has touched the lives of most Americans and many peoples around the world.

REVENGE seemed foremost on the minds of most people.


Not likely. Not for generations.

Now we wage war in Iraq. Is it an improvement? I think not.

Change comes from within each of us.

World Leaders are humans too. We work with the best we have. Or try to.

Let us learn a better and more peaceful way to live.


Loving God, help us to realize that true peacemaking can only become a reality in our world today if it is first a matter in our hearts.

9/11 reminded us that our country has been blessed with tremendous resources that we must use wisely in the service of others, both within our own borders and around our world.

We ask for the gifts of civility and charity so that we can treat others with
respect and love.

We ask for the gifts of faith and hope to strengthen our spirits by placing
our trust in you.

We ask for the gifts of courage and compassion that will move us to action
to help those in need.

We ask for the gifts of humility and kindness so that we may put
the needs and interests of others first.

We ask for the gifts of patience and perseverance to endure the
long struggle for justice.

Hear our prayer, O God, in the name of Jesus. Amen

Shared by a friend.

Let us learn ways of non-violence.

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