Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Mad Run to Christmas

Perhaps the Mad Christmas run is only topped by the feverish deer hunting season in the mountains.

People seem focussed on ONE thing. There is a glaze in their eyes. Something like the look of deer in headlights...frozen in place. Unless they are running.

It is a paradox for me. I am In it and I am out of it simultaneously.

My income is related to sales at this time of year, so I am very INTO it.

Yet my personal priorities call me to approach this season from a different perspective.

I sell Letters from Santa. . .

I wondered what would happen IF everyone received a Letter from JESUS!

I offer an alternative to the flood of Santa with imaginary Letters from Jesus ...

Ask for a Letter from Jesus
It will be personalized with the information you provide.

Just let me know before the rush.
Orders placed after December 18 may be delayed.
There is an EarlyBird Discount 20%
AND a special promotion for Sister Bloggers. Buy one get one free!

For every card you purchase I will send a card to a random person on my special needs list.

Standard cost for your personalized card is $9.95 including postage.
Payable by Paypal for your convenience. Go to the Order Page Here.

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