Saturday, November 03, 2007


As November rolls by, I begin to separate. . . like one part of me is in touch with what is happening around me... and the other part is what I wish I could see happening around me.

One side sees the commercial version and the other side sees the valuable version as I see it.

Besides, I still have the calendar on October in my room and I just noticed it today. duh.

The anguish of the unfinished tasks of this year lies heavy upon me though no one can ascribe guilt to me for any of it. . .except maybe for not changing my calendar. :-)

Distressing News and yet another crisis from Nature calls upon us to be generous again and again with our hearts and minds and if possible our bodies and wallets.

See the devastation in Bangladesh from the Cyclone. Notice the situation in Myanmar has not been resolved and yet even more children are killed by suicide bombers in Iraq.

Let us each give thanks for the tiny bit of peace in our hearts and lives, whenever we can find it.

And then let us each DO something tangible to BE PEACE and promote peace in our lives, our homes, our towns, villages, nations and our world. It will take people to change themselves.
We can influence and encourage, but no one can actually change another person.

Perhaps that is a part of the Gospel message. Rather than preaching the LAW at people, we need to get better at living the Gospel with forgiveness.

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