Friday, January 26, 2007

Soaring Eagles

Benjamin Franklin may have had something good going on when he recommended the wild turkey as our American symbol instead of the eagle. Certainly sightings of turkeys in the eastern woodland are more common than sightings of eagles.

But seeing an adult eagle soar overhead and then "crashdive" to the surface of a lake to catch a fish with its feet. . . now that is inspiration. I say "crashdive" because that is somewhat descriptive, it is neither but both.

This is the season for wintering eagles in northern Alabama. I observed this meal in process at Lake Guntersville State Park.
Today. Nice.

There is an easy trail that also offers good eagle viewing possibilities- Cutchen Mine Trail. It is mostly level with orange blazes. Winter is the best time to hike here. With the leaves down the views of the lake(and birds) are really fine.
Summertime is too hot and humid for me to enjoy hiking in this part of the country.

That is nice, but why tell you here at a PEACE PLACE?
Well, I felt peaceful and serene in that place and the eagles were such symbols of freedom that I just connected them together. Peace. Freedom. Soaring. Eagles.

Yes, even Eagles eat. Watching the capture of its meal was more than enough to delight this observer. I was grateful it flew into the marshy grass area to eat it out of sight.

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