Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Matters Most?

peace place

A couple of friends of mine were discussing the ups and downs of their adult lives. Both seemed agitated.
No conclusions were reached. No suggestions were offered.

How often do we engage in conversations of similar circles? Each of us following our own circuitous logic and only half listening to the circle of content pouring forth from the other person.

Neither of us actually has a clear picture of the topic or problem, and surely, neither offers suggestions. Jokes are sometimes passed along or witty comments and a sense of congeniality seems to happen. But I wonder how often these conversations are meaningful.

How often do we each speak of whatever it is that matters most to us?

How often do we encounter a friend or colleague who has actually considered the question?

Listening can be hard work. But aren't we each worth the effort?

If not, why not?

Think of a time when you have listened to someone you know and actually HEARD was said in a way that could make a difference in your life or that person's life.

How often does that happen? What can you do to engage in less superfluous chatter?

Learning to listen takes time.
Listen to someone today.
Actually talk WITH someone tmorrow.

Peace to you my friends.

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