Friday, April 21, 2006

THE WEEK after Easter

a place of peace

With all of the preparation for and involvement with Easter and Holy Week, this is now a time for many to step back an recover.

Yet, Wait. This weekend is EARTH DAY! Let us not forget to celebrate the new life of spring and spread some hope around with our good earth actions.

Don't know what to do? Simple stuff like picking up litter is fine. Or planting some flowers to beautify your corner of the earth. Or participating in a community Earth Day event. Or writing letters to legislators on environmental issues.

Why not set up a folder which will make it easier for you to put your hands on the names and addresses of those people and put some postcards and stamps in it too. That way when you are inspired to write, you are also READY to write.

What about putting a Big Star on one day in each month and let it remind you that we live on a planet travelling around a star and YOU want to do something special that day to celebrate or preserve or protect it. Then tell me what you did, if you want!

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