Friday, February 24, 2006

peace place

peace place
Are you thinking peaceful thoughts? If not, why not? Just because the world around us is lunacy does not mean we need to be negative and nasty too.

Actually for each negative thing I see, I feel called to do at least two related positive things to act as a kind of counter-culture to the nasty norms.

Listening to some folks this week discussing what they plan to "give up for Lent" and I felt like I landed on another planet.

Not that there is anything wrong with personal sacrifice, just that I feel it needs to be something of substance, of lasting value. Like... a friend of mine gave up coffee for Lent one year and she drank a cup of hot water at suppertime instead. She never went back to the routine of an evening cup of coffee.
Think of the savings.

So I am reflecting on what additional ways can I minimize my impact on this glorious planet. I already do not use my car at least one day each week. Perhaps I can plan my days more carefully and return to using the solar dryer more often. Hanging my clothes used to be fun.
That sounds like the focus for me this season.

How about you?

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