Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jewish Girl gives birth in barn

Think about it. COURAGE and FAITH.

A teenager in a Hebrew culture was ostracized for being pregnant. 2000 years ago

Yet she carried on and gave birth to a baby in Bethlehem. That baby Jesus changed the world.

Remember them today and tomorrow and think about what that courage means.

Young Mary surely was an ordinary person doing extraordinary things in her own time.

In what way are you performing extraordinary tasks everyday?

God Bless your Christmas celebration.

The Christmas Story Luke 2:1-15
It’s a BOY!
Born in Bethlehem
Announced by Angels
Adored by Shepherds

He Came in Love to Be Love for all who believe. He came to serve and live among the ordinary people and teach them extraordinary ways of being and living. As he loved us he invites us to love him and live as he did with simplicity and humility.

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