Saturday, November 29, 2008

We NEED Non-violence to be a priority

If we are to have peace in this world of ours, we EACH must do our part.

Non-violence is a learned skill and a lifelong commitment.

YOU can support peace by purchasing WHAT IS PEACE? shown in the video.

Become involved with someone else who is practicing non-violence.

Members of Benedictines for Peace make the following commitment:

I commit myself to take up a nonviolent way of living in a violent world as an expression of my monastic calling.

I commit myself to keep one day each week as a day of fast and prayer for peace.

I commit myself to learn more about the spirituality and practice of nonviolence.

You are invited to take the above pledge, too, and join us in spirit, prayer, and action as you are able.

God of Creation,

"Help us to achieve peace in our hearts, in our homes,

in our neighborhoods, and in our troubled world.

Let peace fill our lives

so that we may live in God's grace and love.

Amen. "

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