Saturday, August 04, 2007

What do you say when a friend dies?

Now I cannot answer that for you. I can only sometimes answer that for me.

In this case, our friend Jim was suffering and it can only be considered a blessing for him to be granted relief from that.

We still feel his absence and the loss. It was rather swift. We only heard about his raging illness a few months ago.

It brings up a world of sadness in me to go through this with his wife.

You see the cancer that stole him from us is the kind of cancer that is very hard to detect. It is the kind that my own father had and by the time we discovered it, it was quite advanced. The same is true for young Jim.

I was fortunate. The cancer that stole part of me was fast and detected early.
We were able to get rid of it quickly and yet, the struggle and recovery were not to be diminished in importance.

CANCER Steals from us. Cancer Kills.
It appears to be peaceful but that is deceptive. It may be silent at first, but this silence is not peace. It is a harbinger of death and disease.

Be aware. Be alert.

Take good care of yourself. You only have one life to live as I know it. You only have one body(exceptions are possible for various parts).

Notice the difference between the silence of Peace and the silence of death.

Do your part to live a life of Peace.

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