Friday, March 24, 2006

peace place

peace and healing please
A dear friend is quite ill. Yes, this is a difficult time. The anguish of uncertainty. The anxiety of theunknowns. We so easily drift into the worst possible scenarios for EACH of us.

What we are called to do is remember the Grace of God and hold Pastor and his caregivers and family and loved ones in tender loving care that only our gracious and merciful Creator can give.
We find no peace on our own. We calm no fears independently. We heal no ills alone.
We serve each other best when we serve as children of the Living God and extend love and forgiveness and healing thoughts and prayers to those around us; when we embrace Pastor with the love not only that we feel, but the love he has given to us over all of these years and with the ever present love of our heavenly Father.

I cannot attend this evening's prayer service in person, but know that we are holding him and you all in our hearts and prayers from where we are.

I share a prayer that has accompanied me through many trials.
" God has given us the power to change our ways, heal the broken, loose thebonds, live welcoming to all." May we each be blessed to remember this loving God of all creation who loves us beyond understanding.

And when words fail, a song or a psalm may suffice... as simple as Jesus loves me, or the 23rd psalm or silence. Allow ourselves to be emptied of negativity, of fear of evils and allow the love and light of the Holy One to fill every cell of our beings and to fill all the hearts and minds of those who are caring for Pastor and for him too.

Love is so powerful. Let us apply it well and be mindful of God's will prevailing throughout.

Peace my friends ... peace.

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