Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hatred Lingers in the South

Rebel flag at black church

HARTSELLE — Less than 24 hours after Mount Pleasant CME Church celebrated the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, church members said they were reminded that the fight against racism is not over.

This is the city in which I live. It proudly proclaims itself as the city of southern hospitality.

But in light of recent events and especially the inauguration of Barack Obama, I can hardly believe the placement of this objectionable flag at this small black church in the midst of a black section of town is anything less than ominous and deplorable.

Bill Hybel suggests we each identify our "holy discontent" and act upon it. This is my last straw. I cannot be silent in this city any longer. Tomorrow I will attend their worship service and express my personal unity with them. God takes it from there. God bless us all.

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